The winner of Olivia's Artwork Contest is 11 year old Danielle with her awesome depiction of Olivia herself, complete with flip-flops, magical barrette, coral snake beads, and the Pearl of Tagelus. 

Danielle wins a $25 Barnes & Noble giftcard and a signed copy of Olivia Brophie and the Pearl of Tagelus.  Congratulations Danielle!

And thank you to all of the contest participants. Fifty different people must of have told me how great all of the entries were and how hard it was to vote. I loved every picture! To see a sample of the entries, scroll down the page.

Here is Danielle's winning entry:


Draw, sketch, color, pastel, paint, sculpt or even glue macaroni and glitter onto construction paper to create your favorite character from Olivia Brophie and the Pearl of Tagelus. Use your imagination and artistic talents to show me what you think Squirt looks like. Or a viscious giant tardigrade. Or suspicious yet loyal Cheeto. Or maybe even Olivia's younger brother Gnat. It is up to you!

Once your artwork is complete, you can scan it or take a good picture of it, then send it to me at my email address:
Or, if you are unable to send it in email, let me know and I will send you my address so you can mail it to me.

Make sure I have your first name, your age, and an email address to contact you. Don't forget to put the name of the character on it too!

Deadline is July 15, 2012

On July 15th, I will select the pictures that best represent the characters that I saw in my mind when I wrote the book.  I am looking for the artwork that best captures the spirit of the character.

I will then post the pictures on this page for readers to vote for their favorite. On August 15, 2012,  the winner will receive a $25 Barnes & Noble giftcard and a personalized, signed copy of Olivia Brophie and the Pearl of Tagelus.

All contest entrants must agree to allow me to post their artwork on this website. I will never use any last names, just your first name and age.

If you have any questions, please email me and ask.

Let your inner artist shine!

Here are some of the entries that have been submitted as of May 30. All entries will be scanned in individually so they can be voted on!

Olivia Brophie
Thunder and Hoolie
Mr Gruffle the gopher tortoise
Cheeto the dachshund
The Bobwhite Witch and the Pearl of Tagelus