About the Author

I have been living in Olivia’s world for several years now, to the point where I expect tree frogs to leave me messages in window pane dew. I find her world to be very exciting because it keeps one foot in reality. She still has to deal with missing parents, school, and adults with unspoken motivations. But she is increasingly pulled into an even more mysterious world. All of nature seems to be pushing Olivia toward something.  Coral snakes leave her gifts. Herds of deer and flocks of birds hang around. Strange, ominous people watch her from afar. Black bears follow her wherever she goes.

When she discovers an ancient city beneath Florida, built in the watery aquifer, her two worlds come crashing together. Her life becomes something much bigger and more frightening than she ever imagined. Olivia finds a destiny, but she has no idea how to act on it.

Olivia Brophie and the Pearl of Tagelus is the first in a series. The adventure is only going to get more exciting, more dangerous, and more magical. Olivia Brophie and the Sky Island was released in January 2014 and book number three is currently at my publisher. I'm anxiously awaiting a release date!

Olivia Brophie books are read in classrooms in over twenty countries around the world and all across the US. It always surprises me to hear from readers in every corner of our world.

To learn more, please visit my website, www.christophertozier.com where you can read  about my life in a rare, unnamed Florida scrub. As you’ll see, my neighbors are black bears, coral snakes, and gopher tortoises.

I love hearing from readers. Don't be shy! Send me an email and let me know who your favorite character is and where you think Olivia will end up next. crtozier@gmail.com

Please email me to schedule an interview, reading, school visit, or public appearance.