Having lost the Pearl to the evil Cult of Wardenclyffe, Olivia must face life without the most powerful device in the universe. Pursued by the paparazzi in their quest to get the true story of the Bear Girl, she must learn to trust and rely on other people if she is going to rescue her brother Gnat and best friend Doug who are lost in ancient Florida; never mind finding her missing parents or ending the environmental catastrophe she caused.

 Hospitalized with mysterious pains, Olivia meets Nigerian-born Abiona, a math-whiz with a deep secret. Together with fun-loving Terrilyne, they decide to release the Bobwhite witch from her frozen tomb in the hopes she can restore everyone’s lives back to normal. What they unleash is beyond anything they could have imagined. Confronted by the true power of the Pearl, Olivia must make a choice that will alter the direction of the earth and her future.

 Don’t miss the exciting continuation to this international hit series whose awards include the Honor Award from the Society of School Librarians International, USA Best Book Award Finalist, and the 2012 President’s Book Award.  Download Worlds Around Us, the free school curriculum developed by teachers and scientists for use with Olivia Brophie and the Pearl of Tagelus.



“Aristotle’s Lantern is such a great addition to the series and an amazing book for young readers.  As a young reader myself, it’s a struggle finding appropriate books that also challenge my reading.  This book is all of those things and more.  It is brimming with adventure and a little bit of mystery to keep readers on their toes.  Olivia is such a fierce and lovable character.  I love seeing how her mind works and how she faces all the challenges that are thrown at her, Hoolie, and friends.”  -- Sophia Papadakos, grade 7 

“I could relate to so many things Olivia felt. You wrote an amazing book and I think the world should get the chance to read it.” – Helen, grade 5

“I will be using this book in my classroom to integrate Language Arts skills and science teaching. The students will use this book as a starting point for writing research papers, poetry, and oral presentations.” – South Carolina teacher