Olivia’s life is in turmoil ever since she accidentally froze all of the world’s water and her aunt and uncle were kidnapped by the Wardenclyffe thugs. With the help of a black bear named Hoolie, she must travel across America to restore the damage she caused. Hungry and wounded, she stumbles into a secret valley invisible to the outside world. There she encounters an ancient civilization with no intention of letting her leave.

In the meantime, Doug and Gnat are drawn deeper into the world of Junonia, the mysterious city built in the aquifer beneath Florida. As Doug works diligently to scientifically document the discovery of giant tardigrades, he meets his old nemesis, a bully who manages to start a war among the tribes of the aquifer. Caught in an epic battle, Doug must find a way to save himself, Gnat, and the bully who doesn’t want his help.

Olivia Brophie and the Sky Island is a fast, action-packed ride through fantastical landscapes
populated by long forgotten real-world elements. Chris Tozier has created a compelling mix of
intrigue, danger, and magic that will keep readers turning until they've reached the last page.”
—Danette Haworth, author of A Whole Lot of Lucky